"We reshape the way we experience virtual reality."

Virtual reality(VR) is considered as a new platform to change the world again like a PC and a smartphone. Here, it is important to seamlessly navigate through VR and effectively interact with objects in a virtual environment. However, only passive and limited interfaces for smartphone-based mobile VR are introduced so far. Using handheld controllers or sensors may incur additional cost and it is not convenient or awkward. We introduce a reinvented natural 3D interface for mobile VR, called "PIXIE". The objective of the work is to develop a commercial viable algorithm that has real-time and highly-robust performances in a mobile platform. The characteristics of PIXIE are as follows:

  • Natural 3D interface using user’s hand and fingers.​
  • Pure software algorithms using only monocular camera.​
  • ​Works with no additional equipment other than a smartphone.​
  • Easier and seamless interface to maximize VR experiences.
  • Familiar user interfaces, such as “move”, “click”, and "drag".
  • Versatile low-level and event-driven interface enabling high-level gestures.


"Better Life Through Technological Innovation"

Deepixel Inc. is a tech-startup company, founded in May, 2016. Our team includes highly trained and experienced researchers, engineers, and software developers and is currently developing innovative visual intelligence algorithms related to applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies in the field of virtual/augmented reality interface, video understanding, and visual tracking. Above all, we are a strong and well-organized team with enthusiasm on innovative technologies. Our goal is to make a computer (or a robot) understand a video as well as an image like a human. To achieve this goal, we are trying to extract the meaningful information from images and videos by processing and analyzing them. Then, we are making an innovative interaction technology to allow people to conveniently use our technologies. We hope that our technologies and services can change the world much better.

  • 2016. 5, founded in Seoul, Korea.
  • 2016. 7, selected for a startup incubating program supported by Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).
  • 2016. 8, registered as a venture company.​
  • 2017. 2, selected for the 1st Yozma accelerating program.​
  • 2017. 6, included in a final selection list of the 1st Yozma accelerating program through “Global Startup Demoday.”​
  • 2017. 7, qualified for membership of K-ICT Born2Global(K-ICT B2G) 2017.​
  • 2017. 8, received investment from NAVER Corp. (in association with NAVER D2SF)​


Computer vision
Image processing
Machine learning
 Visual tracking 

Person motion detection/tracking​
Tracking-based life logging​
Event recognition and classification
Monitoring/surveillance system

Human computer interaction

Fingertip tracking
Hand gesture recognition
Augmented intelligence
Face detection and analysis

Video discovery and mining​

Video analysis/summarization​
Video indexing/tagging​
Topic modeling
Reverse image search​


Korea Internet & Security Agency
Fintech Technology Support Center
Yozma Accelerator
NAVER D2 Startup Factory



  deepixel at deepixel dot xyz

   Incubating Room C, 10F West Bldg., IT Venture Tower, 135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea (05717)