"Enhancing customer's shopping experience more engaging with AR technology"

Change the way we shop on e-commerce with the advanced computer vision technology. StyleAR enables shoppers to virtually try on jewels to check one or more of size, fit or style before buying them. Through this process, shoppers can enjoy highly-personalized service to find the perfect match for each of them. Bring top-notch experiences to your customers with an immersive AR technology and rising the sales!

  • Available on both a mobile and a web environment.​
  • Works robustly in real-time without a template, a marker, and QR code.
  • Provides image based metadata such as skin-color, facial ratio, hand shape information, etc.
User Analysis


"Reshaping the way we experience Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality"

Just use your hand as a pointing device for a 3D space as you use the mouse on your computer. The PIXIE is the reinvented 3D natural interface for the new emerging environments, Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). It makes mobile VR and AR experiences to be more natural and convenient. It is developed for a commercially viable algorithm with real-time and highly-robust performance within a mobile platform.

  • Tracks the 3D position of your hand using only monocular camera.​
  • ​Works with no additional equipment other than a smartphone.​
  • Provides familiar user interfaces, such as “move”, “click”, and "drag".



Professional Area

"Technologies enabling the machine to understand what they see"

We make visual intelligence algorithms based on computer vision, image processing, and machine learning by extracting the meaningful information from images and videos through processing and analyzing them. 

Computer vision
Image processing
Machine learning

How the algorithms work

"Extremely optimized algorithms for practical AI-powered services"

The algorithm we provide is robust to reach the level of piratical applications in the daily life environment and is extremely optimized to smoothly work on mobile device.


About us

"Better Life Through Technological Innovation"

Deepixel Inc. is a visual intelligence tech-startup based on computer vision and machine learning. The goal of Deepixel is to change how people interact with the digital world (or computing environments) by providing more intuitive and convenient user interface. Our team includes highly trained and experienced researchers, engineers, and software developers. Currently, we are focusing on the development of new way to naturally interface with VR/AR/MR, and of virtual try-on technology for the future of jewelry/beauty e-commerce. We believe that our technologies and services can change the world much better.

Brief History

"All of innovations begin with tiny wonders."

  • 2016.05: Founded in Seoul, Korea.
  • 2016.07: Selected for a startup incubating program supported by Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).
  • 2016.08: Registered as a venture company.
  • 2017.02: Selected for the first Yozma accelerating program.
  • 2017.06: Included in a final selection list of the first Yozma accelerating program.
  • 2017.07: Qualified for membership of K-ICT Born2Global(K-ICT B2G) 2017.
  • 2017.07: Received a subsidy of overseas patent cost from Seoul Business Agency (SBA) - 15/552,770
  • 2017.08: Received investment from NAVER Corp. (in association with NAVER D2SF)
  • 2018.08: Registered as a venture company (extension).
  • 2018.09: Received a subsidy of overseas patent cost from Seoul Business Agency (SBA) - 16/097,946
  • 2019.05: Selected to receive "(AI-training) Data Voucher" by Korea Data Agency (K-data)
  • 2019.05: invited by and participated in Swiss-Korean Startup Workshop (hosted by Embassy of Switzerland)


Korea Internet & Security Agency
Fintech Technology Support Center
Yozma Accelerator
NAVER D2 Startup Factory

Contact us


  deepixel at deepixel dot xyz

  16F, Meritz Tower, 382, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (06232)

   Incubating Room C, 10F West Bldg., IT Venture Tower, 135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea (05717)